We are inspired by the words of A.A. Milne:
“In the quiet hours, when we are alone and there is nobody to tell us
what fine fellows we are, we come sometimes upon a moment
in which we wonder, not how much money we are earning,
nor how famous we have become,
but what good we are doing.”
India our country, they say, is a solid proof that God exists. So many dire
problems, so many society ills, so many distressed citizens, so many loopholes
to destroy the thread of life, but the country is surviving and growing. In recent
years, if you review, you will find all or any nice thing that has happened are
either due Supreme court or by an NGO- Taj Mahal decoloration, plastic bags,
tobacco pouches, child labor, Babri mosque, you name it, it is done by them not
by our Governments.
India has about 33,00,000 non governmental organizations, many defunct,
many blacklisted, our NGO Live For Others Foundation is registered to
operate in all 28 States, 7 Union Territories, 626 Dist and 6,00,000 villages.
We can take any of the country critical subjects like Population control, Aids,
Education, Child girl, Water, Solar energy, Communalism, Health, Corruption,

But we wanted to start in a small way with our own personal funds to take one
step at a time before a big leap. That is why we are in Deoprayag, a town of
Uttarakhand hill state in northern India bordering China and Nepal.

To help people to help themselves.
With support from our NGO volunteers, individual donations and
State governments and Indian Central Government.
An all India not-for-profit organization -  NGO involved in Ganga cleaning at its source
Devprayag, women self generating income projects, village tourism, social change,
educational, and employment activities
Live For Others Foundation
Present area of operation: Devprayag, Uttarakhand, India
Aspiring to achieve by end of the year 2016:
Ganga River Cleaning at Devprayag, Uttarakhand the originating place of
the sacred river, the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda. Make it the
first town in India as garbage, plastic free, and the streets spit free by
removing of all garbage from mountains and river-banks with the
volunteers, help of school kids

Woman's cottage industry at Devprayag, Uttarakhand - first project: to
make shoulder cotton handbags and market to foreign tourists

Library at Devprayag, India

Basic Computer center at Devprayag, India

Hill Village tourism to experience village life

Economic activities in Devprayag, UK, India like Melas, bazaars

A family home for girls to house 10 destitute children (to start)  from the
hill State at Devprayag, UK, India

All not-for-profit, social involvement thru our NGO, individual donations from State of
Uttarakhand  and Indian Central Government help
Top:Main town of Devprayag, the famous Ram
temple at the center where Ram did the penance
for killing Ravana a Brahmin. Ganga can be seen
flowing. Bottom: Map of Uttarakhand state
marking Devprayag with China and Nepal shown
on the right.
Year 2015
More depression, more frustration
This is almost mid-2015, went to Devprayag to rekindle the fire, nothing happened, could not
meet the Panchayat Chairman as he was almost and always in Dehradun, could not see Executive
Officer of the Panchayat either as he visits his office for few days and at odd hours. Locals are
not concerned in Ganga cleaning or town upkeep. Many town rich Pundas are in financial
problems as Kedarnath Yatras have been slowed. And, our PIL against Ganga River Camps for
rafting could not move as lawyers are asking high price to go the court, almost Re 50,000.
Waiting for some magic to happen.
Year 2014
With the arrival of newly elected Town chairman of the Panchayat- Mrs KK Kotyal, I tried to
meet Mr. Kotyal but could not as his wife was in Doon hospital for treatment. Met Minister and
local MLA Mr. Mantri Prasad Naithani at Dehradun, tried to meet CM Mr Rawat thru the kind
offices of Congress Secretary. Was advised to meet after the Achar Samhita ends followed by
elections in the country. Launched second poster in town- “Ek Bhagirathi rishi nay saikdo saal
tapasya kit hi…” Hired a paid team to clean sangam and ‘gadera’ area in town. Met SDM
Kirtinagar Mr Deependra Singh Negi and asked his help. Big development- a village Mehr , 5 kms
away from Tehsil Devprayag has asked us to manage a children school of 120 students and
women workshop which I have agreed to. Puran ji, Mulk Raj and Virendra Singh are the driving
((Our efforts till now have yielded almost nothing: No enthusiasm from any section. Show of
complete helplessness, of inability and exhaustion in the matter abounds everywhere. Permanent
in job Town Safai employees do halfhearted job in a day and work at some nearby establishments
to make additional money. No motivation for anybody at all in the Government, no rewards))
Year 2012-13  (Thurs, March 08, 2012)
What we did till now at Devprayag for our project to Clean River Ganga at source
and Make Devprayag town garbage free:
1.        Asked for help and discussed our NGO undertaking of cleaning of river Ganga with-
Chief Secretary Uttarakhand Government Subhash Kumar, Shoorbir Singh Sajwan, ex Minister
and MLA aspirant, Harek Singh Rawat, Admn Dehradun Corporation and ex SDM Kirtinagar,
Dr Prabhakar Bodani, Director Sparsh Ganga Board, Mata Suzan of Clean Himalaya NGO and
her team Managers, GD Agarwal, Swami Shivanand of Maitri Sadan, Haridwar, Ajit Singhal, ex
Director higher education, Uttarakhand Government
2.        Introduced our project to town Leaders including  Dr Prabhakar Joshi, a journalist owner
of famous Vedshala at Deoprayag. Two publications Hindustan and Amar Ujala carried a story.
3.        Negotiated with Dr NS Bisht, Principal Degree College at Deoprayag to help organize a
‘shramdaan’ by students to clean the town and promote ban of plastic use.
4.Discussed with a local garbage collector business owner Faizan of the town to arrange pick
up of the non-saleable garbage from the town surroundings and dispose it in Rishikesh garbage
center. He is asking a huge price of R 5000 for 40 bags truck.
5. Distributed a second Leaflet in the town ‘Devprayag ka ganda naala…”. Spoke at Devprayag
Degree college Seminar about Ganga cleaning project.
6. Efforts to file a PIL in Supreme Court against Ganga river bank water rafting camping
grounds/toilets; all material in hand, but could not find an Lawyer
7. Approached Executive Officer of Devprayag Panchayat Prakash Singh Fonia to
help us manage dispose the Daily garbage and the old dumped-
•        Requested for marking a land for collection, sorting, transporting and making compost of
the garbage, Collection system of R 10 a household to collect daily garbage, Restarting Chalan
system for the offender residents, Planning for transporting and disposal of garbage in Rishikesh
Year 2011:  
"I and SD Singh went to Devprayag (Uttarakhand) in March, 2011 to start some work and
adopt the town as our prime area of operations. Three activities came to our mind- First,
Cleaning of Devprayag and reminding locals about their unintentional contribution in polluting
Ganga; Second, managing and launching a women earning center by tailoring and selling
shoulder Cloth bags; Third, teaching English speaking to Degree college final students to help
them qualify in interviews.  
To introduce our NGO and our desire to do work in the town, I stayed in the town for about
20 days and met the locals who matter and are opinion leaders, Town Panchayat chairman JP
Pandit, political leaders, former chairman Rajesh Agarwal, Dist level Panchayat leader like KK
Kotiyal and, Tehsildar Bhetwal, college principal, professor Dr Ashok Kumar, Student union
president Praveen Chauhan, religious committee heads like Mukesh Bhatt head of Badri Panda
Panchayat, contractors Sabal Singh and Mulak Raj and business owners. Response and
reaction was extremely good and encouraging. A woman who runs a tailoring cum beautician
shop- Malti Rawat was requested to manage a 5 member women tailoring division to
manufacture Bags. An awareness campaign to create Devprayag the only town in India as
garbage free, free of plastics was launched. A flier –“Pagal ho kya?” was distributed as
newspaper insert and hand distributed.  A 20x15 poster was printed in Rishikesh and was
pasted in hotels, tourist places and town walls.

What in future: our NGO will have to be lucky to get somebody or own members who can
enthusiastically follow up the plans that have been started; secondly, seek and get some donations
to finance the efforts; and, thirdly initiate Uttarakhand government efforts and local support.
President of degree college union has assured us to put student volunteers to clean the town. A
small home for parent less girl children ( many in hill villages) –five souls- can also be started at
very low running expenditures.
Pl keep us in mind and advice us whenever you can. We need it"
-Mohammad Shamim, President.
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Centre approves Rs 7000 crore project to clean Ganga
Apr 28, 2011, 07.42pm

NEW DELHI: The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs today
approved a Rs 7000-crore project for cleaning of River Ganga to
be implemented by the National Ganga River Basin Authority

The share of central government will be Rs 5,100 crore and that
of the state governments of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar,
Jharkhand and West Bengal will be Rs 1,900 crore.

The World Bank has agreed in-principle to provide a loan
assistance of USD one billion (approx Rs 4,600 crore) for the
NGRBA project which will form part of the central share of the
An all India NGO, Reg no. S/59909/2007
Leaving Devprayag, landing at Kanpur ghats, our Holy Ganga, so much
revered river becomes like a sewerage with all the thinkable filth, and
black water. Innocents with faith still drink thinking it as nectar.
Pl help in making a pure and clean Ganga ji.
Visit - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb_yDBmRgmU&feature=related
(Tyson Sadler who lives in Georgia, USA,  produced few short films on Ganga)
Krishna Kant  Kotyal, his wife is Sarpanch of
Devprayag town and owner Pious Ganga hotel,
GD Agarwal of IIT Kanpur on his hunger
strike at the Maitri Ashram at Haridwar
Swami Shivanand at his Maitri Sadan,
Dhayani Vinod, Badrinath purohit,
Deoprayag, lives across College
Our Poster
displayed in 2011
by Trilok Singh
husband of Malti
Rawat, Malti
Tailoring, DP mkt
Dr Prakash Joshi, Vedanta library holds rare
books including one original Ramayana
Harek Singh Rawat, Ex SDM Kirti Nagar, now at
'Doon Town Corp. Did lot of work at Devprayag
Subhash Kumar, Chief Secretary
Uttarakhand Government
A volunteer from USA, picks up garbage from
the banks of Ganga near Rishikesh
Mata Suzan of Clean Himalaya NGO, a
successful effort at Rishikesh with the help of
world Bank
Dr Prabhakar Bodani, Director Sparsh Ganga
Board, Dehradun
Devprayag Degree College Principal
Dr N S Bisht
Pl contact by email:
Call  991 023 9823
or, Mohan Singhal at 935 064 0093
Pl watch this nice Ganga show by BBC- you may
click on this or copy and paste to open it-

Mantri Prasad
Naithani, Minister in
Uttarakhand Govt
and much loved
local MLA
with Ms Nandini Tripathi, a dynamic girl from
California who manages Ganga Action Parivar
for Parmarth Ashram, Rishikesh
with Swami Vishveshwarananda of
Omkaranand Ashram, Swiss born swami
who manages thousands of schools,
Degree colleges, social, cultural and
spiritual projects from Rishikesh;